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The new wave of interior design for luxury coastal lifestyles.


Koastal Design Group – Kira Krümm & Co. (formerly known as Kira Krümm International Design) is an award-winning interior design firm renowned in our industry for maintaining exceptional standards of excellence, specializing in full-service interior design, renovation, and new construction for luxury residential and commercial properties in Southwest Florida’s premier locations. Led by Principal Interior Designer, Kira Krümm, who has nearly 30 years of experience owning her design firm, Koastal Design Group has established a solid reputation for creating award-winning lifestyle environments that are both inspiring and timeless.

Our team of talented professionals is dedicated to redefining coastal design for luxury lifestyles and will guide your project from concept to completion, in collaboration with top trade professionals, to produce exceptional results. With nature as our inspiration, we approach each interior as a composition, employing artistic fundamentals such as balance and harmony through the intelligent use of design elements, to create innovative interiors tailored to fit each individual client or project.

Principal Interior Designer, Kira Krümm, established her interior design studio in Naples in the early 2000’s, specializing in full-service, custom interior design for luxury residences. Launching her signature Koastal Kollection product line in 2008, Kira has since become a vanguard of the Florida design industry by influencing design through her unique “Koastal” design aesthetic – a relaxed, sophisticated style that has become synonymous with Naples luxury interior design.

Inspired by nature’s effortless elegance and the natural beauty of places where land meets water, Kira’s signature Koastal aesthetic embodies a relaxed, sophisticated style that has become synonymous with Naples luxury interior design. “Koastal” highlights the timeless, universal elements of duality, balance, and tranquility through a complimentary blend of materials and textures in order to showcase the harmonious juxtaposition of manmade elements and things found in nature. These include metal, driftwood, glass, sand, and shells as well as soothing neutral hues and metallic accents. The resulting interior environments evoke serenity in unforgettable details that are both livable and luxurious.



With a collection of more than 50 industry honors for excellence in interior design, Koastal Design Group – Kira Krümm & Co. specializes in luxury residential and commercial interior design in exclusive communities throughout Southwest Florida, such as:

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